The social content platform Reddit continues to drive its „Community Points“ reward system driven by Ethereum; it announced that it is looking for developers to help it scale tokens for use by all of its 430 million monthly users.

On 19 June, Reddit revealed that it was partnering with the Ethereum Foundation to solicit projects to build Ethereum’s scalability solutions (ETH).

„Our goal is to find a solution that supports hundreds of thousands of Community Points users on the main network today, and that can eventually scale to all of Reddit’s 430 million monthly users,“ Reddit said. The site will accept applications from interested developers until 31 July 2020.

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The cost of gas is a factor

Reddit’s announcement emphasizes that there are some unique requirements, noting that many of the existing Ethereum scaling solutions are targeted at exchanges and optimized for transactions.

„Many of these designs do not take into account the costs of obtaining tokens or entering the scaling system,“ Reddit said. „Community point allocations have cost an order of magnitude more gas than all other operations combined, mainly because of the storage chain costs associated with adding new users.

Reddit stresses that currently „it is not clear how to determine the best solution,“ noting that, despite the high publicity surrounding comparable use cases to its point system, „there are very few objective examinations or comparisons in the real world of various products/implementations.

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Community review of proposals is encouraged
Reddit invites „all climbing experts from the Bitcoin Up community“ to submit climbing demonstrations in the comments section of their announcement, noting that „all demonstrations need to simulate the use of Community Points for 100,000 users.

The platform also asks for feedback from the scaling experts on proposals submitted by other community members so that it can better understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions.

The demonstrations should include „a live proof of concept showing hundreds of thousands of transactions“, the source code and a detailed breakdown of cost estimates, APIs and how the proposed scale-up architectures will operate.

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Over a five-day period, proposals should be able to handle 100,000 point claims, 25,000 subscriptions, 75,000 single point burns and 10,000 transfers.

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